At Bambu Threads, we believe that an amazing night’s sleep begins with the best sheets and linens made from the most luxurious and finest natural bamboo textiles. Handmade and handwoven, Bambu Threads’ products are made from 100% organic bamboo fiber for a beautiful sateen finish and ultra-soft feel. Experience a luxurious, comfortable and sound sleep.

Know the difference. Feel the difference. Make a difference.

With bamboo being a highly-renewable resource that grows in abundance and can be harvested easily, Bambu Threads sheets and linens are eco-friendly and environmentally-sustainable. We help the planet in our own little way.

Bambu Threads Cares

Bed Linens with a Mission

A portion of your purchase goes to a charity fund that will provide housing, education, treatment and medicines to poor families; build Christian churches; and aid calamity-stricken communities. Let’s give back one sheet at a time.